VR Arcade Business in a Box

You’re thinking about adding a VR Arcade? That’s great. We’re here to help and we’re well positioned to do so. In fact, it is our purpose is to help facilities understand and profit from Virtual Reality. While we’ve built a myriad of ways to do that, this is the one we refer to as our:

Business in a Box

This “high touch” solution will take care of virtually everything you need to get up and running with your own branded VR Arcade quickly.

We start with Space Planning where we work with you and the blueprint of your facility to place your VR Arcade in a spot where players will be able to comfortably play AND your other customers will be able to view this attraction. Placement is super important for three reasons:

  • It’s almost as fun watching as it is playing,
  • You need to make sure participants can play safely.
  • The booths don’t interfere with each other.
VR is almost as fun to watch & film as it is to play!

The next phase is all about the Hardware. It’s no secret that we use the HTC Vive so your customers can enjoy the best VR experiences on the planet. But the VR Headsets is only one part of the hardware equation.

This is the Maserati of VR

You need high end gaming computers. We start by Procuring those. We’ll take care of the selections, ordering and the initial Configuration. This means we install all of the software and drivers you’ll need to run VR and get your computers ready to go.

A VR Gaming Ready PC

We have an entire page dedicated to what our proprietary VR Arcade Management Software does, so you can check that out at your leisure. In short, it is designed automate many of the processes inside of your arcade so you don’t have to be. One very important aspect is how it manages the Licensing fees every month so your arcade remains compliant.

You’ll always know which games are hot and which games are not.

Here is where we really shine…the Installation phase. We will ship all of the computers to your location and get them paired up with monitors and the VR headgear. While we don’t handle the physical build out of the space, we do handle just about everything else. We will make sure that each booth is setup and optimized for the best play experience. This includes setting up all of the equipment while making sure that the sensors are placed in a manner that eliminates interference.

VR Arcade Install Pic Early On

Part of what makes our installation so excellent is that we spend a portion of that time Training you and your staff on how to operate your new VR Arcade. We provide you information that will help you excel at Customer Experience. This starts with helping customers get into the goggles and explaining game play and goes all the way through best practices for Marketing and Operations.

Once your facility is setup and tested we go through one more phase and help you with Game Selection. Our Software runs in dozens of VR Arcades around the planet and we have collected vast amounts of data on which games do best. We’ll take the time to understand (or help you define) your ideal client and we’ll make sure you have the right games available for them. This is important because if you give customers too many choices, they spend a lot of their time just figuring out what they want to play. Neither you or they want to pay for that time.

Just a few of the VR Arcade games

Getting your facility setup and operational is really just the beginning of our relationship. As a client of Private Label VR you will be invited into our exclusive PLVR Club. There you will find access to all of the information, products and support you need to grow your brand new business.

If you’re interested in learning how we can get you all setup with your own branded VR Arcade, contact us.

10 Replies to “VR Arcade Business in a Box”

  1. Already up and running DIY . Would love to talk to other owners about the business end and some other issues . Our arcade is called Alpha v.r , we are located in west japan .We are the first to market in this area and T.V and local papers are giving us lots of free advertising .I found this site too late . But still would like to join , dont really need the content you are selling tho> Is there another way to join?

    1. Hi Erick-

      So cool to be the first to market. Congratulations. Do you have software that runs your arcade and handles the licensing for game developers? That may be an area we can help. You can send me a message directly at terry at privatelabelvr dot net if you’d like to continue the conversation. Continued success!!

  2. We are currently using steam. Other that and viveport I didnt know there was another way to deal with developers directly so to speak.Is there a video or description of what you are offering ?

    1. Hi Erick-

      We have a few videos about our offering, but nothing that dives too deeply into the licensing section. In a nutshell, our sister company is VR Junkies and between the two offerings we have almost 20 VR Arcades online. As a result we get a LOT of players and game developers love the exposure. Not to mention how they feel about the fact that we’ve taken a lead in making sure they’re getting paid. I would be happy to talk to you further about specifics and have sent you an e-mail. Thank you for finding us.

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