VR Arcade Management Software

So you’re thinking about opening a Virtual Reality Arcade??

Great idea. It’s going to be the big. Like the biggest thing to hit gaming since Ms. Pac Man. And if you’re working on it now, you’ve still got time to be  ahead of the curve. But there’s a lot to think about (next post will cover all of that). One huge consideration is are you going to run your arcade the right way and make sure the developers get paid? There’s a few arcade management software companies now, but none offer all the value we do.

If you’ve looked around the web at Virtual Reality Arcades, you have likely come across VR Junkies. They were arguably the very first VR Arcade in the United States and they are currently the largest VR Arcade system in North America. I’m partnered with their founders in a venture called Private Label VR where we leverage that software and the knowledge they’ve gained to create a business in a box offering. Click that link to learn how we can help you get your new VR Arcade business up and rocking.

So how does this software help you manage your Virtual Reality Arcade? Let me tell you about some of the features and why you care:

The Game Clock– If you’re running an arcade this is bound to be your favorite feature. Why? Because when the game clock is running, the cash register is ringing. There’s something about seeing the clock get closer to zero while you’re in a game about to advance to the next level that compels one to yell “I NEED MORE TIME”. And your response is: we can do that 😉

As the clock runs down, the profits go up.

The Game Metrics- This feature shows you which games were played and for how long. There are approximately 800 titles (VERY rough count) on the main source for VR games on Steam. If you think about the last time you were presented with 800+ options for anything…how long did it take you to make a decision? We track all of the game metrics across our multiple locations and provide you with the most popular games network wide. This assures that your customers are playing as opposed to thinking about playing. This feature also helps us where it counts the most…

You’ll always know which games are hot and which games are not.

Game Licensing- There will be another post about running a LEGAL VR Arcade soon and that all comes down to licensing. You can’t just download some games and have people pay for them…that’s not how this works. Game developers spend upwards of millions of $$$s to put these experiences together and they deserve to get paid. THE MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of our software is how we make this so easy for you. And as you can guess, the developers love us as a result.

In Goggle Game Selector- This feature makes it super easy for your customers to choose what game they want to play and what they’ll want to play next. This is great because it reduces staffing needs.

It’s so easy to select a game that even the player can do it.

Rewards Portal- UCLA did a study and found that 62% of people who entered a VR Arcade wanted to come back with in the month. And most of them brought someone new with them. You want to reward this behavior and we make it really easy to do so with our integrated rewards program.

Leader Board- This is fun because people love to see how they’re doing against all of the other gamers. You can set up the leader board to be just your arcade(s) or for the entire network. It reminds me of Donkey Kong…how high will you get?

Dashboard- This is the snapshot of your account. You can see game play and you can also see how much the expenses are for people playing those games. This is the “Fun with numbers” section of the software.

There are a few other attributes in the current iteration and quite a few more coming in do time. Our goal is to make it easier for you to focus on running and growing your business. Speaking of…we are always happy to help you with that too. Feel free to reach out to me about your VR arcade needs whenever.

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